End to End Software Solutions


We leverage our technical expertise and decades of industry know-how to build cloud-based solutions for your business. From porting applications to cloud, providing support all the way to maintaining cloud infrastructure, we’re with you at every stage.

Secure your data storage, host software and speed up the pace of growth as we provide you with matching solutions throughout every stage: architecture, migration and support.


Dhisigma carries out architectural services in three key stages.
1. Assessment:
Firstly evaluate and study your existing infrastructure and how it enables you to achieve current objectives. Gaining insights and measuring the impact of current initiatives will define what needs to change and what aspects can remain. This is also where we identify risks and pain points that might potentially cost your business in the long run.
2. Re-design:
Rethink and re-innovate solutions that focus heavily on crucial factors: data migration, technology infrastructure, funding and more. We design secure and stable solutions that are also scalable, in a way that optimizes cost.
3. Implementation:
Ensuring compliance in data migration: Adhering to best practices and principles as we facilitate seamless data migration to the cloud.


We up the pace on your data migration to AWS or Azure cloud services, based on your needs. Make seamless data migrations from any generic, widely used or commercially available database, Oracle, SQL, MySQL and more, to a hybrid cloud service. We favor the lift-and-shift approach, which empowers you to make a rapid transition to cloud providers, without latency or data loss.

Our team at Dhisigma beautifully merges technical proficiency with conceptualizing. We bring disruptive ideas to the table and build software to translate those ideas into real-world solutions.


Custom-develop apps and software that are high-end, scalable and tailor-made to suit your business. From cloud-based web software to offline apps offering utility, we build first-rate functions and winning features that align perfectly with your goals.