Effective Delivery Optimization

Advanced algorithms tackle complexities in route selection, scheduling and trip planning with ease. Our web/mobile applications optimize sales routes making logistics management cost-effective and efficient at the same time.

Hassle-free Sales Force Automation

DHI Sigma's sales force automation applications cut through hurdles like time constraints, traffic congestion, long distances, fuel costs etc. with ease and make sales flow a breeze. With accurate geotagging, optimized vehicle and workforce usage, you would easily forget the hassle that is otherwise involved in sales flow.

Precise Tracking

Web/mobile applications from DHI Sigma never let deliveries, deliverables and resources out of our sight. Real-time tracking of deliverables and the entire delivery process gets rid of apprehensions regarding delivery failures and errors.

Clubs Flawlessly with Multiple Platforms

While our applications exceed expectations in stand-alone environments they are also are highly customizable and readily integrates with existing ERP/CMS/WMS/TMS via APIs. Thus you have seamless operations guaranteed