Direct Sales Delivery Automation

Van sales in the backbone of supply chain management for Direct Store Delivery.This model is employed extensively in the food industry for delivering perishables as well as processed food products, where minimizing the days or hours in the supply chain is crucial.
The model aids:

  • Direct retail coverage
  • Products reach the target customer based in time
  • Expansion to a greater number of outlets
  • Brand positioning in new markets
  • Access to unexplored territory
  • First-hand assessment of product demand and market trends
  • Competition and customer feedback
  • Facilitate improved customer service

Powerd by Technology

Technology plays an importance role in the efficient management of van sales.DhiSigman’s Van sales automation software solution is used to effectively manage:

  • Route planning of vehicles and scheduling processes
  • Real-time tracking of workforce and vehicles
  • Automatically generate delivery sequences
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Reduction in workload/paper work
  • Stock/order management
  • Sales return management
  • Product pricing based on customer type
  • Invoicing and printing
  • Vehicle stock transfer
  • Improved customer relationship and sales opportunity
  • Easy to train new recruits
  • Opportunity to expand the business
  • Secured payment collection with OTP
  • Dashboard to monitor the business activity
  • Reduction in pilferage

DhiSigman’s expertise in successful implementation of the van sales software solution, the innate flexibility which allows easy customization and intergration with existing ERP’s via API’s, are prominent advantage. Mobile devices and handheld printers are the only additional devices required to the system.